Classic Camera Manuals

by Karen Nakamura


I'm very irritated by people on eBay who sell copies of used classic camera manuals. Most of the manuals have been put on the web by people who are doing it out of the kindness of their hearts (or for a small shareware fee to recoup scanning time/costs). In any case, if your camera doesn't have a manual, you can usually download it off of the following sites:

Manufacturer sites:

  • Hasselblad USA - will mail you the manual for its cameras and accessories for $5 to cover shipping/handling. You need to provide the serial number of the item in question.
  • Mamiya USA - has the manuals for most of its current and past medium format cameras online (sorry, they don't have any of their classic 35mm cameras)
  • Konica-Minolta Instruction Manuals - Minolta USA should be praised for having all of their classic camera manuals online. Only some of the Konica manuals are online.
  • Pentax has most of their current and classic camera manuals online for free as PDF files
  • Polaroid Corporation - has some of their older camera manuals (including SX-70) online. Grab these before they go broke!


Free or shareware sites:

  • KYPhoto has scans of most popular 35mm classic cameras online:   Argus C-3 Match-Matic,   Argus C-3 Accessory Lenses,   Argus C-4,   Busch 4x5 Pressman,   Busch Pressman Model C,   Canon Demi EE17,   Canon Demi S,   Canon Canolite D Flash Unit,   Canon Canonet 28,   Canon Canonet QL17/19 G-III,   Canon EXEE QL,   GE Golden Crown PR-3 Meter,   Gossen Luna-Pro,   Gossen Luna-Pro F,   Gossen Luna-Six,   Gossen Sixticolor,   Kodak Retina IIa,   Kodak Retina IIc,   Kodak Retina IIIc,   Kodak Brownie Starmeter,   Konica Auto S2,   Leica If-IIf-IIIf,   Leica M4-P,   Leidolf Lordomat,   Mamiya C3,   Minolta 110 Zoom SLR,   Minolta A5,   Minolta Hi-Matic 7,   Minolta Hi-Matic 7s,   Minolta Hi-Matic 7sII,   Minolta Hi-Matic 9,   Minolta Hi-Matic F,   Minolta Minoltina AL-S,   Nikon F2A,   Nikon FE,   Nikon FM,   Nikon N2000,   Olympus 35RD,   Olympus 35SP,   Olympus Ace-E,   Olympus OM-10,   Olympus Pen EE-2,   Olympus Pen F,   Olympus Pen FT,   Olympus Pen S (3.5),   Olympus Trip 35,   Pentax KM,   Pentax MX,   Pentax (Honeywell) SP1000,   Pentax Spotmatic F,   Petri 7s,   Petri Aux Lens,   Praktiflex FX,   Ricoh TLS 401,   Rollei Rolleiflex 2.8C,   Sawyer Mark IV,   Sekonic L-8 Exposure Meter,   Voigtlander Vitomatic II,   Yashica 635,   Yashica Electro 35 GSN/GTN,   Yashica Electro 35 Kit,   Yashica LM,   Yashica Lynx-14,   Yashica Lynx-5000,   Yashica Lynx-5000E,   Yashica Mat EM,   Yashica Mat LM,   Yashica MG-1,   Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex Ic,   Zeiss Ikon Maximar,   Zeiss Ikon Nettar II
  • Mike Debra has a bunch of manufacturers on his site: Agfa, Aires, All, Ansco, Argus, Balda, Braun, Ciro, Daylab, Dejur, Detrola, Gaf, Graflex, Honeywell, Kalart, Kodak, Konica, Minox, Musashino Optical Co, Olympus, Paillard-Bolex, Pentax, Petri, Polaroid, Rollei, Spartus, Tokyo Optical Co, Weston , Yashica.
  • F&S Marriot Instruction Books Collection: various misc models of Agilux, Beaulieu, Bell and Howell, Braun, Coronet, Edixa, Ensign, Eumig, Exakta, Fed, Leudi, Paillard, Bolex, Pathe, Quik, Rollei, Veb Pentacon, Voigtlander, Weston Wirgin, Wray, and Zeiss
  • (run by Michael Butkus) has the following manuals: most Chinon, most Ricoh, many Sears, some Alpa, Canon EOS 620-650, some Contax, some Cosina, some Exacta, much Fujica, some Konica, some older Mamiya, some Miranda, some Olympus, some Pentax, some Petri, Polaroid, Rollei, Yashica, Zenith, and misc.
  • Vintage Camera Manuals: Agfa Paramat, Aires 35 IIIC, Viking 4.5, Argus C3, Argus Cameras, Baldessamat F/RF, Braun 35, Ciro 35, Ciro-flex, Ciro-flex AD, How Your Ciro-flex Was Made, Daylab 200 Owners Manual, Dejur Meter, Detrola Depth Of Focus Scale, Detrola Model H, Memo 35EE, Tilt-A-Mite II, Brownie Reflex 20, Brownie Target, Flash Bantam, Kodak 35 RF, Kodak 35 Special, Kodak 616 Doublet, Kodak Six-20 Six-16, Monitor, Motormatic 35, No 2 Film Pack Hawk-Eye, Nos. 2 and 2A Folding Hawk-Eye Cameras Special, Picture Taking with the No 1 Autographic Junior, Picture taking with the Nos 2 and 2A Brownie Cameras, Pony 135B, Pony IV, Pony Roundup, Retina IIa, Retina IIIc, Retina Reflex, Retina S1, Retinette, Retinette 1A, Signet 35, Tourist II (Kodon/Kodet), Konica Auto S2 , Minox 35 GL, Minox FX 35, Optika SLR, Olympus 35 ED, Olympus Pen and Pen S, B8 Cine Camera, D8L (8 mm cine), Petri 1.9, Petri Penta, Petriflex 7, 4X5 Land Film Holder (Model 500), Flash Pictures with the SX-70, Pathfinder 110, Polaroid 110A, SX-70 (Cheat Sheet), SX-70 Alpha , Full-Vue Reflex, Primo Jr. 4X4, Weston 715, Weston 735, Yashica D


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